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Sector Information Technology
Industry 4510
Type Limited Liability Company
Founded 28 September 2015
Founder(s) Wilfred Pinfold
Stan Curtis
Ken Montler
John Teeter
City, State Portland
Country Oregon
Area served Worldwide
Key Executives Wilfred Pinfold, Chief Executive Officer
Products Smart City Software Platform
Catelog of Cooperating Parts
Revenue $100,000€ 85,000,000,000 <br />£ 77,000 <br />
Number of employees 6
Homepage http://www.urban.systems/

URBAN.SYSTEMS Urban.Systems mobility gives Portland Smart City Challenge a boost!!!

URBAN.SYSTEMS provides an IT “kernel” to enable better urban-lifestyles globally.

URBAN.SYSTEMS is a trusted “incubator” for local, state and federal governments in how to upgrade smart technology to support the needs, desires and expectations of their citizens.

URBAN.SYSTEMS helps “scale” interoperable components through partnerships with providers of controllers, appliances, devices, sensors, actuators, routers, servers and other products that interoperate through open software and public interfaces.

As cities explore new transit systems, roads and utilities or modernize their aging infrastructure URBAN.SYSTEMS and its partners provide a range of civic engagement, financial, design, and software services that reduce cost, simplify design and financing, and build scalable operational management.

For more information contact Wilfred Pinfold