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  1. 4Dialog
  2. 575-HOPE A technology solution to address Preparedness Response and Recovery from opioid and all types of addiction
  3. A Smart Crime-Curbing System
  4. Abuja City Integrated Transportation System
  5. Advanced Flood Warning and Environmental Awareness
  6. Affiliated Engineers
  7. Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
  8. Ag & Rural SuperCluster (ARSC) to Host a Workshop
  9. Air Quality Monitoring in London
  10. Air Quality Sensing Wherever You Go in Taipei
  11. Amsterdam IoT Living Laboratory and Beacon mile
  12. An Open Architecture IoT Platform for a Sustainable Smart City
  13. Anatomy of a Smart City
  14. Applying Open Data to inform future Smart City Design
  15. Arup Group
  16. Augmented Neighborhood Watch
  17. Autodesk
  18. Baker Manufacturing Company
  19. Bay Area Unified Wi-Fi Roaming Security and Ease of Use
  20. Benefit, Value and Return on Investment (ROI) Considerations
  21. BigClouT
  22. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure Sustainability
  23. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Road Infrastructure Sustainability
  24. Biohabitats
  25. Blockchain and Public Health
  26. Breaking the Code The UN-hackathon
  27. Building Human Centered Smart City
  28. Bullitt Foundation
  29. Buro Happold
  30. Busan Smart City
  31. CITYDASH City-wide analytics dashboard from public and private data sources
  32. CIVIC Data Platform
  33. Calabar IoT-based Smart Waste Project
  34. Campus Array Node and Array of Things Network Dual Deployment
  35. Carolinas Alliance 4 Innovation
  36. Cascadia Innovation Corridor
  37. Chula Vista Smart Waterfront
  38. Cincinnati-Dayton Cyber Corridor
  39. City Insight Platform- Communities in Context
  40. City of Roses Disposal & Recycling
  41. Clarity Amidst Chaos – How AI is Enhancing Emergency Preparedness
  42. Combating Urban Blight in the New York Capital Region and Mohawk Valley
  43. Communications
  44. Community Traffic Guidance and Control System for Natural Disaster Emergency Response
  45. Company Properties
  46. Connecting Communities with Public Wi-Fi technology and local Tourism mobile applications
  47. Connecting the Dots Technology Enhanced Aging-in-Place for Residents of Waterfront Village
  48. Constituent-led, Public Data & IoT Utility for Urban Health, Housing, and Environmental Hazard Management
  49. Constituent-led Public Data and IoT Utility for Urban Health Housing and Environmental Hazard Management
  50. Coral Gables Smart City Hub Public Platform

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