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Cincinnati Bell,, Cordata Healthcare Innovations, University of Cincinnati, Addiction Services Council, and Brightview Health.  +
Electrical Power Board (EPB), Chattanooga Enterprise Center, CoLab, UTC Police, UTC CSE department  +
Dew Mobility- a division of Dew Software Inc., Sonoma County Water Agency, Center for Environmental Inquiry, Sonoma State University Engineering Science Department, Sonoma State University Facilities  +
London Greenwich Borough (City Council and Digital Greenwich); GSMA (Association of Mobile Operators); Everimpact (Solution/Service Provider); Ordnance Survey (UK Mapping Agency); Telefonica (Telco); NEC (Service Provider); Urban Clouds (Service Provider)  +
Academia Sinica; EDIMAX Technology Co., Ltd.;Realtek Semiconductor Corp.  +
KPN, IBM, HvA, Sensemakers meetup, Appsterdam meetup, TELE2 ODINE  +
National Grid; Cisco Systems, Inc.; JLL; The Daily Gazette; NYSTEC  +
PlanIT Impact; Prof. Praveen Rao, University of Missouri, Kansas City; Prof Vladimir Krstic, Director the Kansas City Design Center (KU/KSU)  +
Metropolitan Intelligence  +
Ruckus Wireless; SmartWAVE Technologies  +
CEA (France); Engineering SpA (Italy); Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece); Lancaster Univ. (UK); Absiskey (France); NTT East Corporation; NTT R&D; Keio University; National Institute of Informatics (NII); University of Tsukuba; YRP-IOT  +
Dell EMC, IBM, Grant Thornton, Deloitte  +
Technology Association of Oregon; GCTC Thriving Communities Group - Portland; Coalition of Communities of Color ; Digital Inclusion Network ; Urban League of Portland ; Native American Youth and Family Center ; Self-Enhancement Inc ; BluePrint Foundation ; The  +
BiiLabs, Taipei Department of Information Technology (DOIT), NCKU DLT Lab, Deloitte  +
SK Telecom; DELI-i, nTels; , etc  +
Hack Oregon  +