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Utility SuperCluster (USC)
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Team Members [City of Atlanta GA], [Gwinnett County, GA], [City of San Leandro CA], [Motorola Solutions], [CH2M], [PilotCity], Scalable Strategies
Blueprint Energy/Water/Waste

Utility SuperCluster (USC)[edit]

The GCTC Utility SuperCluster purpose is to address leading sustainability issues in cities for Energy, Water and Waste by bringing cities and counties together in the United States and around the world with academia and technology partners to demonstrate real world class examples and best practices. The SuperCluster is managed in three groups with each group managed with its own working group chair. Each Energy, Water and Waste working group is responsible for managing active projects with a common goal to develop a common blueprint. The blueprint will represent best practices and serve as a practical guide for the implementation IoT technologies
Objectives for the Utility SuperCluster include:

  • Reduce water lost through leaks in water transmission and distribution utility infrastructure
  • Increase water revenues with new and innovative metering technologies
  • Increase water conservation adoption with weather analytics bases solutions
  • Address city resilience needs with a focus on energy
  • Develop and implement new strategies for zero waste
  • Make it easy for cities to have access to public private partners funding models and government grant information


  • Peter Tseronis, Founder and CEO,
    Dots and Bridges LLC

Leadership Team[edit]

[City of Atlanta GA], [Gwinnett County, GA], [City of San Leandro CA], [Motorola Solutions], [CH2M], [PilotCity], Scalable Strategies

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